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We choose to create a more thoughtful and caring community for children that contains within its safe boundaries, a place which has as its sole purpose the well being of the child. It is the shared responsibility of teachers and families that this participation be absolutely essential. Parents are recognized as the primary educator of their child, and we as educators must consistently and intentionally reinvent this dynamic between parents and teachers, renewing our commitment to serve the child first. Events in a child’s home and environment commonly affect their behavior. Children may not express accurately these events; therefore, we would appreciate communication between parents and staff concerning any unusual or stressful events in your child’s life.

Our goal is that our philosophy aligns with all the elements in the project approach.  Our philosophy is to follow the child, and to create an environment that is based on the essential elements of developmentally appropriate practice.  As teachers we listen to children. In order for teachers to enter into genuine relationships with children it is essential to develop the skill of listening. Through listening and observation we gain knowledge of the child's development and interests. It is from a place of listening that we develop and hone our skills of observation. Through active listening we become reflections for children that verify and validate their reality.

Our philosophy of education is based on the work of John Dewey, Erik Erikson, Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget and Reggio Emilia.  Therefore, we support a “Constructivist” philosophy believing that children learn best when learning is based on meaningful experiences of the child that facilitate the child’s transition from one stage of development to another. Abstract concepts and adult ideas must accommodate the child’s concrete understanding of the world: what children see, hear, smell, touch or taste. When learning is meaningful for children it is enriching and enduring.

We believe that a high quality preschool must serve the development of the whole child, and our educational approach works to integrate all the unique ways that children learn. A teacher understands that a child’s development is encouraged and strengthened by hands on experiences and interaction with their environment. Children are immersed in an environment of learning when playing. Garcia Street Club will strive to serve children with special needs. If your child has additional needs, a meeting will be scheduled with the parents and the Director regarding the school’s ability to adequately provide for the needs of your child.