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Garcia Street Club honors the diversity of the Santa Fe community, values progressive early childhood methodologies including emergent curriculum and cherishes parent involvement to create a community within our school.

Our goal is to provide an emergent and integrated curriculum; one that challenges both the intellect and the imagination while incorporating all the domains of learning.

We strive to achieve an active partnership between our families and our school that is built upon a shared commitment of our goals, values and the significance of childhood.

Furthermore, “The Garcia Street Club will seek to help each child to cherish and appreciate the values of his (or her) inheritance and that of others, thus establishing a general sense of fair play.”

By Elizabeth White, Founder of Garcia Street School, Statement of Purpose, 1945

Garcia Street Club is a full-time preschool that continuously strives to provide high quality early childhood educational services for children ages one through five years. The program is comprehensive in scope, accepts each child at his or her stage of development, and provides for all aspects of development: social, emotional, physical and intellectual.